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Project Kick Off in Bergen

6. mar. 2024

Unlocking maritime sustAInability!

We were delighted to welcome the partners in the GASS project to our offices in Bergen this week, kicking off an initiative that aims to slash vessel emissions by as much as 20%. A lively meeting of (ambitious) minds helped put project cornerstones in place, sharing knowledge, discussing work packages, and setting course for three years of AI empowered innovation and discovery! We believe in Green AI for Sustainable Shipping (GASS). Thank you to Grieg Star, NCE Maritime CleanTech, ScanReach - Onboard Wireless Connectivity, Simula Research Laboratory, SinOceanic Shipping AS, and Sustainable Energy Norwegian Catapult Centre for your invaluable inputs and collaboration, and to Norges forskningsråd who represented the Green Platform Initiative. Exciting times lie ahead!

The Green Platform Initiative (“Grønn Plattform”) funding scheme is a collaboration by Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and FisheriesNorges forskningsråd, Innovation Norway and Siva SF.

#AI #machinelearning #digitaltwin #smartshipping #sustainablefuture #greenshipping #GASSproject

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